Something’s Got to Give

Something’s Got to Give is a study that highlighted, among other things, the fundamental role of faculty inquiry and development in addressing the state’s developmental education challenge:

“Faculty inquiry and development play a fundamental role in local innovation Faculty familiarity with a rich menu of research-based options for effective practice in developmental education is a first step on the road to improving student outcomes on a campus. This local expertise was far from common in California at the time the BSI began, however. A 2008 survey by the Chancellor’s Office found that many local campuses did not have faculty that were “hired with or later received specific training in developmental education.” The problem was most striking in mathematics. Half of the 64 campuses that responded to the sur- vey reported that no more than 25% of their basic skills faculty in math had such training. For writing, 39% of campuses reported the same. For reading and English as a Second Language (ESL), on the other hand, faculty training was much more common.”

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