[OCLN 3CSN] 4/10 BSI Sharing @GWC Reflection

April 10, 2015. Huntington Beach, CA–This morning, colleagues from three districts and six colleges (Coastline, Golden West, Orange Coast, El Camino, Santa Ana, and Santiago Canyon) convened upon the lovely environs of Golden West College to discuss the state of the Basic Skills Initiative at their home campuses, and efforts made to connect with SSSP and Student Equity plans and projects.

GWC Gothard side parking lot trees

Some takeaways from today’s event:

  • Continue to foster the professional learning hub on your campus; continue to forge new relationships and maintain existing ones.
  • Consider projects that utilize energies from BSI, SSSP, and Student Equity such as: placement test preparation programs/services, embedded services, and acceleration practices.
  • Create a chart for your campus that shows the linkages and relationship among BSI, SSSP, and Student Equity.

Attendees also discussed ideas and opportunities for continued professional learning in the fall. Planning is now underway for some future events. Stay tuned!


Some resources from today’s meeting:

Leadership: How to Start a Movement

3CSN’s Basic Skills Initiative Leadership Institute: Basic Skills Initiative Leadership Institute

Online Tutoring: Smarthinking / WorldWideWhiteboard


For more information about this and other upcoming 3CSN events, please contact:


Danny Pittaway

Regional Coordinator, Orange County Learning Network



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