Online Learning Skills

College: Golden West College
Contact Name: Joyce Bishop
Phone Number: 714-895-8304

What issue or concern is the intervention designed to address?
Basic Skills students who lack the technology skills to be successful in the 21st Century classroom

What were the desired outcomes you expected from this intervention?
Increase retention and success rates of Basic Skills students in courses which require technology proficiency.

What data was collected to identify the issue or concern on your campus?
We compare retention and success rates in face-to-face courses to those of online courses.

Summarize the research used to determine that this intervention should have been piloted:
The retention and success rates mentioned above.

Describe the Intervention:
We developed two new courses to  help students develop technology proficiency.

Introduction to Online Learning – 1 unit  This course addresses the online technical competencies and computer skills needed for distance learning success.

How to Succeed as an Online Learner – 1 unit  This course provides an orientation to the characteristics and processes of distance learning.  Students will learn practical strategies and skills to help them succeed in any course with technology requirements.

What if any data have you collected to measure the effectiveness of the intervention?
We monitor the retention and success rates in both courses and also review the success rates in the Online/Hybrid courses.

Summary of findings based on data:
The retention and success rates are good for both courses and we will monitor the success rates in Online/Hybrid courses as  students who have completed these courses filter into online courses.

Next steps:
How will you scale your program up to include a larger population?
Once success is documented we would like to have additional sections of both courses.

How can this program be sustained if outside funding is no longer available?
Both courses were approved through the curriculum process so we receive FTES for them.

What have you learned about the effectiveness of this program?
It is early in the process but it appears that Basic Skills students can benefit from focused technology training.

What improvements can you think of to strengthen the program?
Offer more sections of the courses.