4/17 Los Angeles Mission College (Threshold Concepts and Student Success)

Dear faculty member,


You are invited to join and engage in intersegmental (CC and CSU) dialogue about discipline-specific Threshold Concepts on Friday, April 17th from 8:30-3pm at Los Angeles Mission College.


The CSU Office of Chancellor Institute for Teaching and Learning sees the use of threshold concepts and wicked problems as promising avenues to improve student engagement, retention, transfer and graduation rates and how to develop, quantify, and recognize student proficiency beyond the credit hour.


This one day colloquium is organized by LA Mission College and CSU Nortridge  in collaboration with 3CSN Threshold Project, CSU Office of Chancellor Institute for Teaching and Learning and LAMC Faculty and Staff Development Committee.


This colloquium aims to facilitate Envisioning of  innovative, integrated General Education curricula based on “Threshold Concepts and Wicked Problems”, building relationships and meaningful collaborations across disciplines and educational segments, and planing appropriate follow up activities to support intersegmental and/or interdisciplinary engagement with the Threshold Project in your region.


Please register and and find the details for this event here.

We hope to see you at the event.


LAMC lead: Lilit Haroyan

CSUN lead: Sandra Chong

3CSN Threshold Project codirector: Nika Hogan


* Threshold concepts are core concepts in a discipline that shape the discipline’s ways of knowing and doing, the disciplinary habits of mind. Wicked problems are societal challenges (such as global climate change or educational inequity) that are difficult to resolve because they are complex, contested, and constantly changing.


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