Fullerton College Hosts Regional BSI Kickoff Event

attendees of the BSI Kickoff event at Fullerton College on September 9th, 2016


Fullerton, CA — On Friday, September 9th, 2016, twenty-three educators from 12 California community colleges gathered at beautiful Fullerton College to learn information and share practices related to the Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity, the Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation, and the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP). The theme of the meeting was “scaffolded plan building”, and attendees worked in pairs or small groups to unpack current campus efforts with an eye toward scaling and sustaining initiatives or activities that could draw funding from two or more grants. The event was received well, with attendees commenting on the value of hearing about current practices from other colleges and thinking through next steps to take a high impact activity to scale. After hearing updates about the latest information from the state Chancellor’s office, attendees identified current student success initiatives/activities on campus by completing an integrated planning worksheet, followed by a Johari windows activity to surface barriers and awareness issues, and concluding with a who/what mapping activity to make a plan on what steps to take to address the barriers and awareness issues raised in the previous activity.


Links to all presentation materials can be found here:


PowerPoint presentation

Integrated planning worksheet

Johari windows worksheet

Who/What mapping worksheet



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